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The Purpose

Like the majority of private online cash gifting programs, the Cash Tracking System is founded upon a few solid characteristics that make up the activity, in addition to its share of components which are not so desirable.

The purpose of this article is to identify some of the pros and cons of the Cash Tracking System according to a large majority of both active and non-active members.

Cash Tracking System Pros

The Cash Tracking System has shown stability in its existence since 2009, and although the actual number of members is currently unknown, it's evident that the program appears to be here to stay.

The CTS website is designed to do most of the explaining through what CTS calls a '7 step information process.' For a brief overview of these 7 steps click here.

The Cash Tracking System also holds Q. and A. calls once or twice each week to answer questions and concerns prospective members may have. These calls are well managed and are great for alleviating the pressure of active members having to answer questions and concerns they may not be confident enough to address.

There's a minimum entry level of only $500, which is extremely reasonable to many online opportunity seekers.

There is no up-front 'administration fee,' however, joining participants should expect to pay around $30 or $40 per month for the use of the Cash Tracking System website.

Cash Tracking System Cons

One of the biggest flaws of the Cash Tracking System is there are tons of hidden costs associated with the membership that are NEVER explained until after someone has joined. This is why there is no admin fee.

Naturally, members want to be successful, and because of this fact, they are made to feel as if they will not be as successful without purchasing things such as a monthly subscription for a 'landing or lead capture' website; which would be an additional $30 to $40 per month on top of the monthly CTS website fee.

There is also a $600 course that is promoted to CTS members which is supposed to help them become ultra-successful, along with audio broadcasts that can cost as much as $1,100 and more to get set up and running. These are, of course, optional.

Purchasing leads is also a component that is pushed heavily onto CTS members. This is because the Cash Tracking System owner is an affiliate of the lead companies used by CTS, and receives a check whenever any member purchases leads.


Another huge flaw of the Cash Tracking System is it sets up the presumption that every person is going to join at the highest level.

Attrition is extremely high because the majority of members are initially 'taken' by its claims of participants receiving $3,500 per member of each and every receiving line.

Despite the fact of having a $500 and a $1,500 level, the Cash Tracking System places the spotlight on its $3,500 level, thus giving 'would be members' the impression that each person who joins will do so at $3,500.

This is particularly disappointing to the participant who discovers later that the explanation was nothing more than an over-exaggerated theory.

Not only are the expectations beguiling, CTS also directs its primary focus on the fact that members will be able to basically 'sit back' and receive money with very little to no involvement.

This is far from the truth simply because participants CANNOT anticipate whether or not a person who joins will diligently spend the months it takes to properly promote such a program. Finding people who will join at even $500 requires some serious and CONTINUOUS effort.

Wrapping Up

The Cash Tracking System pros and cons in this article were just a few of the noteworthy results taken from a survey conducted over a 365 day period. During the collection of data from active and non-active members of the Cash Tracking System, these pros and cons were what both groups contributed to the survey.

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